Setup SquidGame


Before doing anything, make sure that your server is even capable of using the setup. Generally, it is very likely that it will work without any issues. The following article explains how you’re able to check the few requirements that exist for using this setup.

  • Java: 1.16

How do I check if my Java installation is being supported?

It is very likely that you’re already running a supported version. But if you want to verify it you must open a terminal on the machine on which your server is running on. If it’s a Windows machine click on the Windows symbol and search for batcmd or powershell (Win10+ only). Otherwise, if it’s a Linux machine open your terminal. It is possible that you need a software, such as PuTTY, WinSCP or Bitvise, to connect to your distant machine.
If you’re inside the console type java --version to display your currently used version. If it’s printing that the command is missing then your machine isn’t even viable to run the Minecraft server. Otherwise, it should print something like this:
It should print either 1.16, 16. Otherwise, you’ll have to update it to at least version 16.


  1. Download the setup.
  2. Download the dependencies.
  3. Start your server using the .bat for Windows and .sh for Linux.
  4. You can now configure the plugin to your liking.