Model SquidGame Doll


Before doing anything, make sure that your server is even capable of using the plugin. Generally, it is very likely that it will work without any issues. The following article explains how you’re able to check the few requirements that exist for using this plugin.

  • Server software: Spigot or forks.
  • Server version: 1.14 – 1.18
  • Java: 1.16

How do I check if my server software is being supported?

As a server operator with access to the admin commands or the console, type in the command /ver. This will display a rather cryptic text, but you only have to filter out to information as seen in the following picture:
The text aligned in red represents the name of the software you use for your server. Make sure it’s saying either Spigot. Others might work as well, but if you want to be on the safe side, you might want to switch one of them.
Their wiki pages: Spigot
The text inside the orange rectangle displays the Minecraft version of your software. Make sure it’s at least 1.16.X If it’s something lower than 1.16 then you must update it to at least 1.16. Older versions are known to be incompatible with some plugins and contain a rather large amount of bugs, so it’s generally a good idea to update.

How do I check if my Java installation is being supported?

It is very likely that you’re already running a supported version. But if you want to verify it you must open a terminal on the machine on which your server is running on. If it’s a Windows machine click on the Windows symbol and search for batcmd or powershell (Win10+ only). Otherwise, if it’s a Linux machine open your terminal. It is possible that you need a software, such as PuTTY, WinSCP or Bitvise, to connect to your distant machine.
If you’re inside the console type java --version to display your currently used version. If it’s printing that the command is missing then your machine isn’t even viable to run the Minecraft server. Otherwise, it should print something like this:
It should print either 1.16, 16. Otherwise, you’ll have to update it to at least version 16.

Are my plugins compatible?

It’s very difficult to tell if the plugins you’re using right now will affect the features of the plugin. As a rule of thumb, you can count the number of plugins you’re running. The more you have, the more likely it is that something will get interfered with. This generally can be told for any plugin. Otherwise, SquidGames is the plugin with the highest likeliness that it will work compared to other plugins, so you shouldn’t be afraid in this topic. Furthermore, the plugin will print even a warning while it is starting when it detects an incompatibility. If you want to be sure, you might want to contact us.



  1. Download the model.
  2. Uncom
  3. Put the downloaded file into the folder /plugins
  4. Restart your server.
  5. You can now configure the plugin to your liking.

1. Start server with ModelEngine & MythicMobs

2. Put ALL model engine assets in ModelEngine plugin folder

3. Put ALL mythic mob files in MythicMobs plugin folder.

4. /meg reload models

5. Stop server

6. Copy ALL assets from plugin\ModelEngine\resourcepack folder into your server resource pack (overwrite everything in there)

7. Start server

The order is important because /meg reload models make a new leatherhorsearmor.json for your pack.


If the pack has an “items and sounds pack” or something similar contained within the archive, please include it in “Step 6”, and copy the contents of that pack into your resource pack as well as the generated ModelEngine assets.

Lastly, make sure to actually activate your resource pack on your client.

For steps on how to use it as a server resource pack, you can find tutorials on YouTube search “minecraft server resource pack”


Common issues with incorrect installations:

• Pink and black cubes

• Floating horse armor

• Model not applying to mob (could be incorrect model name in mob.yml)

• Model parts are mix-matched or swapped.

Sometimes, delete the cache folder, if a model was fixed and replaced.